Queen Meron

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About Us

Lost Queens is an online retail space with a dedication to helping women unleash their inner Queen. And not just one type of Queen; Lost Queens is for those of us who embody it all.

Good girl or bad, sexy or subdued, regal or down-to-earth - we can be all or none of these things any time we choose, and Lost Queens gives you the jewelry to showcase your true essence. Our pieces are the armor we wear to go out and conquer the world, embracing the spirit of the Queens and Goddesses that live inside us all.

We source our pieces all around the world and work with individual artisans to support creativity + give other women a platform.

10% of our proceeds are donated back into our community through either tuition assistance, domestic violence resources, back to school, social justice, etc.

We were founded by Eboni Merriman. She is the sole owner and operator of Lost Queens. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram.