Self-Care Sunday w/ Womanhoood: Transparency Journal Posted on 18 Dec 18:18 , 26 comments

Nakia "Nik" Adams is an artist, content creator and extraordinary woman that we hold in high regard. She is greatly responsible for instilling the principles of sisterhood that became the foundation for this space; so it was natural for us to ask her to pour some of her magic on our readers. As the founder of Womanhood - a resource and networking community built for millennial women to be encouraged to live as their true selves - she is well versed in healing ourselves and letting our inner Queen shine.

Read below as she gives us Queens a lesson on the importance of TRANSPARENCY this #SelfCareSunday.


Transparency is something I've struggled with for a good portion of my life. When I think about the past and my storytelling moments, I reflect on why I chose not to share my truth and its core reason. My lack of transparency stemmed partly from shame and partly, security. I've always felt defensive; the need to protect myself and my family from everything. This meant that I often shared less and listened more.

With experience and growth I’ve evolved into a better me. A woman who isn’t afraid  to own up to her mistakes and takes pride in freeing herself from having to be perfect.

My transparency journey began with me just reflecting and wanting to heal myself from the past. In order to go forward I needed to address parts of my life that I wasn’t comfortable with and work from within.

Transparency taught me ownership.

I’ve learned through storytelling that I am more than a Bronx born brown girl that came from a predominantly single parent household. I’ve learned that my past does not have to define my future and I may have never discovered any of this if I weren’t telling my story daily.

My relationship with self has strengthened.

It inspired me to practice self-care and be patient with my being.

To end this little piece I just want to let you know that your story matters and people need to hear It.

Transparency is needed in healing. When we are transparent in our daily lives, we are promoting pleasant interactions with ourselves and others. By living as our authentic selves we foster good feelings.I welcome you to open up and let people in.

Please take care of yourself.

Happy Self-Care Sunday.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.